A Shared Benefits Approach to Preventing Conflicts

A Shared Benefits Approach to Preventing Conflicts


Will Porter, CN Utility Consulting (CNUC) Director of Consulting Services, presented Treetilization: A Shared Benefits Approach to Preventing Tree and Power Line Conflicts at the New England Grows! Conference in Boston, Massachusetts in February 2014 and Pacific Northwest Conference in Vancouver, Washington in September 2014.

The presentation slides and conference handout from his presentation are now available.

In his February presentation in Boston, Mass., Porter identified the roots of utility vegetation management (UVM) and how that has influenced the way UVM is practiced today. He also examined societal perceptions, ecological understanding of the role of trees and forests tied to historical perspectives of UVM, and current urban forestry discussions. The challenges of tree and power line conflicts, including safety, fires, reliability and public acceptance, set the stage for a final discussion on sustainable solutions with shared benefits.

Click here to view the presentation slides and click here to view the conference handout, which contains the annotated bibliography.

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