Innovation and knowledge are two of our core values — we pride ourselves on our ongoing research.

Our Work

UVM Survey
We have a long history of benchmarking the UVM industry, beginning in 2010, giving us a unique insight into the industry. The 2019 UVM Survey marks a new partnership with Dr. Richard Hauer at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point and Randall H. Miller, CNUC Director of Research + Development. This iteration of the survey focuses on utility arboriculture, best management practices and leveraging Utility Arborist Association (UAA) information.

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Cost of Deferred Maintenance Study
This study will build on Browning and Wiant’s 1997 study on the long-term cost of deferred maintenance. We will investigate the relationship between the time since last clearance work was performed and the service reliability and cost down the line.

Reclaiming ROW Habitats: The Power of Pollinators
CNUC employees are researching secondary succession in test-site areas in Georgia via reclamation of ROW spaces for pollinator species. This will be done by promoting the growth of grasses, wildflowers, and other compatible native vegetation and by employing integrated vegetation management. We hope to maintain the safety and reliability of electrical facilities and champion environmental stewardship.

Control of Weeds in Electrical Facilities such as Substations, Switchyards, Capacitor Stations, and Cable Termination Sites
In collaboration with CEATI International, the purpose of this project was to develop two herbicide programs; one that uses products available in Canada, and one for the United States. These control programs are designed to reduce the development of resistance and include strategies to reduce reliance on herbicides, rather than using preventative measures and other non-herbicide techniques.

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