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CNUC brings innovative solutions to every job site. Our highly trained team can help provide risk assessment, quality assurance, planning advice, and many more inspection and auditing services.


Creating an inventory of work is to have the most control over workload, scheduling, and forecasting budgets. This step in the project is key for cities, railroads, utilities, or any organization charged with managing vegetation. Having qualified and knowledgeable individuals field planning, or “work planning,” is one method of collecting the data to understand your workload and support financial decision-making.

Planning with our consulting foresters enhances the relationship and communication between the public and your organization regarding the established goals and objectives. Our foresters are ambassadors of your organization, providing expert answers to your customers’ questions, negotiating resolutions, and addressing concerns.

Electronic work planning, or gathering geospatial and informational data of the workload, can provide a historical and current inventory of vegetation to improve workflow efficiency.


CNUC offers quality assurance and quality control services to validate processes and provide opportunities for continual improvement. We offer both pre-inspection and post-work field audits, providing an objective view of your operation.

Risk Assessment

Through our risk-assessment program, we can identify, assess, and prioritize vegetation that may pose an unacceptable level of risk to your assets. We work with you to develop mitigation solutions to reduce the risk to acceptable levels.

Through our UVM Survey, we know that trees case 22% of non-major event day outages and nearly half of all major event day outages across the United States’ distribution grid.

If you need advice before starting work, we’d love to help.

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Tree Inventory

An accurate inventory of trees can be extremely beneficial to utilities, municipalities, railroad companies, and communities alike. Tree inventories can help programs focus on the following items:

  • Safety – An accurate tree inventory can help identify and mitigate potential failure risks before an event occurs.
  • Data Prioritization – Data at your fingertips allows you to prioritize trees with a higher risk rating. Knowing what is out there helps an organization plan and implement a maintenance program.
  • Budgeting + Forecasting – Maintaining a tree inventory allows an organization to budget necessary work and forecast future work. This can also assist in the RFP process by providing the bidder with accurate information, ensuring success for both parties.

CNUC is dedicated to using state-of-the-art technology, industry best management practices, and knowledgeable team ready to help.

Pole Inventory

There are approximately 160–180 million utility poles in the United States. Utilities across the nation are tasked with monitoring, maintaining, and replacing hundreds, if not thousands, of poles each year. Having an accurate pole inventory can help ensure public safety and reliability systemwide.

There are many benefits to having a pole inventory. Knowing the number of poles, current condition, equipment present, and precise location with GPS accuracy helps our partners ensure equipment safety, plan and budget yearly maintenance and forecast future budgets.

After our team conducts a pole inventory, you can expect a detailed report identifying pole location, age, species, visual condition and a list of equipment on the pole including joint use attachments, CNUC conducts frequent training, including electrical hardware identification, to ensure our team is current on regulations and standards.

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