Safety and Technology Revolutionized

Safety and Technology Revolutionized


By Regional Supervisors Brian Sprinkle and Patrick Larsen


Maintaining a culture of safety is paramount for any organization that works in the field. Not only does a safer work environment protect employees and the public, it also contributes to the financial bottom line. We have found that the best way to ensure safety stays on the forefront of each of our team member’s minds is to regularly collect and analyze data about safety.

Capturing data on safety related incidents, accidents, and near misses is an essential step to improving internal safety programs. To be successful, the way employees collect data has to be user friendly and efficient. Many companies have done a fantastic job collecting data on safety related trends, but the systems used to store and analyze the data have fallen short. By streamlining the data collection, storage, and analysis processes, organizations can easily highlight areas of improvement in their business model and review historical trends. This is exactly what we are doing at CNUC.

Safety is one of CNUC’s core values. We pride ourselves on being innovative and thinking of new processes and procedures to improve the way we do business. That’s why CNUC has partnered with our sister company, Terra Spectrum Technologies (TST), to use their FieldNote™ app to help us achieve a state-of-the-art safety program.

FieldNote allows us to eliminate our paper and pencil process and move to an entirely electronic, self-contained system. The era of filling out forms by hand, scanning documents, and manually inputting data into an excel sheet is at an end. Now we are able to electronically capture data from daily job briefings, monthly vehicle checklists, safety audits, incident investigations, near miss reports, and other safety related items on iPads that sync the data back to a secure database. These key performance indicators (KPI’s) are automatically analyzed and displayed in customized dashboards, which our management team uses to draw conclusions about safety related trends. Because the data is available as soon as it is entered, we can make changes to improve our safety culture in real time.

The only way to create a premier safety program is to gather input from all levels of our employee base. Each level of our management team, from the supervising consulting utility foresters in the field to the president of our company, have access to the database and can review safety analytics. We also share our findings with the entire company on our team weekly safety calls.

Integrating FieldNote into our safety program has improved our business model in many ways. Prior to the rollout of this program, our supervisors and managers would spend many hours editing spreadsheets, filling out PDF’s, etc. FieldNote’s ease of use helps our team submit data and review it instantaneously in a user-friendly format. This also allows our management team to spend more time in the field with our employees to provide additional training and support.

Our culture of safety is the pinnacle of who we are and why we are so successful. Implementing FieldNote into our safety program has revolutionized how we capture, store, and analyze data to thoroughly understand safety related trends within our company. This helps us continuously develop our safety culture, improve our working environment, and ensure our employees make it home safely each and every day.


This article was originally published in the March/April 2019 issue of the Utility Arborist Newsline.

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