Training + Development

Consulting Utility Forester Session

Jessica Critchett is a lead consulting utility forester (CUF) with CNUC, working in Tennessee. She joined CNUC in 2014 and has been in her current role since 2016. On January 5, 2018, Randall H. Miller (RHM), CNUC’s director of research, development and industry intelligence, sat down with Jessica (JC) to discuss her career in the […]


Learn to Grow

By Randall H. Miller, Director of Research and Development I started my career in utility arboriculture in the early 1990s during a dynamic period. At that time, many utilities in the United States had decentralized programs that were run by operations managers, light duty linemen or others without arboricultural training. Roundovers were among the unproductive […]


CNUC Promotes Sprinkle and Mathewson to Regional Supervisors

CNUC recently promoted Brian Sprinkle and Mike Mathewson as regional supervisors for the company. These changes went into effect February 1, 2018. Sprinkle has been involved in the industry since 2009, and has worked for CNUC the past three years. In his most recent position as technical applications supervisor, he was responsible for small projects […]


Transmission from the Top: Evolution of the UVM Industry

By Will Porter, Director of Research, Development and Industry Intelligence In a few weeks, I will retire from a 25-year career in utility vegetation management (UVM). I began when it was still okay to climb without being tied into the tree. Before we climbed the trees back then, we took walks down the block to […]


Researching Our Way into Industry Advancement

By Randall H. Miller, Director of Research, Development and Industry Intelligence In the late 2000s, when I was on the International of Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Journal of Arboriculture and Urban Forestry Editorial Board (now referred to Associate Editors), the ISA sought International Organization for Standardization (ISO) accreditation for the journal. The application failed in […]