FAC-003-4 Revisited

By Randall H. Miller, Director of Research and Development In the summer of 1996, western North America experienced duel power outages, and in August of 2003, eastern North America had its turn. These catastrophic outages occurred during region-wide heatwaves, generating unusually high electrical demand across broad areas of the country, as well as instability in […]


COVID-19 Update

As COVID-19 impacts our communities, we would like to assure you that providing a safe and healthy environment for our employees, partners and customers we serve is a top priority. We are actively monitoring the recommendations and guidelines put forth by the CDC and will continue to adjust as necessary. Safety is our top value. […]


Creating Successful Workforce Retention Programs

By Patrick Larsen, Regional Manager Hiring and retaining an experienced and engaged workforce has become a challenge in the utility vegetation management (UVM) industry due in part to the tremendous growth and the developmental changes in our industry’s external environment. The UVM industry’s best management practices, improved safety practices, equipment and UVM programs are consistently […]


The Power of Pollinators – Reclaiming ROW Habitats

By Consulting Utility Foresters Kevin Baggett, Christina Cunningham, & Russ Maxwell, on behalf of North Georgia Electric Membership Corporation   While the safety and reliability of electric and gas facilities are of great importance for our society, vegetation managers and utility arborists also focus strongly on environmental stewardship. Suppressing incompatible and undesirable vegetation around electric […]


The Importance of Getting Involved

It is important to get involved in our industry. Specifically, if you’re looking to impact the direction utility vegetation management (UVM) is going, it’s important to participate. Each year CNUC provides Utility Arborist Association (UAA) memberships to all our employees and we encourage those that want to get involved to do so. For the past […]


Out of the Fire

Dustin Lauf, Regional Supervisor, CNUC California is a beautiful place to live. We Californians get to enjoy winding rivers, clear lakes, scenic mountains and miles upon miles of oceanic views. However, living in California isn’t always easy. In addition to winter, spring, summer and fall, Californians also go through the most dreaded season of all […]