Utility Vegetation Management and Technology Should be a Partnership

By Randall H. Miller, Director of Research & Development   We are in a golden age of technological advancement in utility arboriculture. Utility arborists are rightfully interested in applying technology to optimize efficiency and quality control. This issue of Utility Arborist Newsline is one of many devoted to technology. Technology is also a common topic […]

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Training + Development

Onboarding and Training

By Bill Spencer,­­ Supervisor of Research & Development You never forget your first day at a new job. Often remembered because it marks the start of a new chapter in life, but also because – let’s face it – the first day at a new job is stressful. There’s always a little anxiety on both […]


CNUC Growth Creates New Opportunities with a New Division

By Derek Vannice, President and COO CNUC recently added an additional division splitting western operations into two divisions. One division will encompass all of California (Division 10) and the second division will cover the Pacific Northwest and the mountain states (Division 15). Ben Keck will be the Regional Manager for Division 10 and Patrick Larsen, […]

Training + Development

Our Culture: Promoting from Within

By Philip Chen, Manager of Research & Development At CNUC, we firmly believe in developing our employees and have always publicized that culture of promoting from within. During the recent overhaul of the CNUC website, the marketing team and I updated the management team bios. While looking them over, that culture became extremely evident. Almost […]


FAC-003-4 Revisited

By Randall H. Miller, Director of Research and Development In the summer of 1996, western North America experienced duel power outages, and in August of 2003, eastern North America had its turn. These catastrophic outages occurred during region-wide heatwaves, generating unusually high electrical demand across broad areas of the country, as well as instability in […]


COVID-19 Update

As COVID-19 impacts our communities, we would like to assure you that providing a safe and healthy environment for our employees, partners and customers we serve is a top priority. We are actively monitoring the recommendations and guidelines put forth by the CDC and will continue to adjust as necessary. Safety is our top value. […]


Creating Successful Workforce Retention Programs

By Patrick Larsen, Regional Manager Hiring and retaining an experienced and engaged workforce has become a challenge in the utility vegetation management (UVM) industry due in part to the tremendous growth and the developmental changes in our industry’s external environment. The UVM industry’s best management practices, improved safety practices, equipment and UVM programs are consistently […]