Leadership Academy: Identifying and Developing Future Leaders

Leadership Academy: Identifying and Developing Future Leaders

Training + Development

Each year, CNUC hosts a week-long Leadership Academy for a group of CNUC employees who perform at a high level and demonstrate leadership characteristics. The employees selected are nominated as potential future leaders in our organization. During Leadership Academy, attendees are provided leadership training by management, opportunities to network with employees from across North America, visit the corporate office headquarters, meet support staff, as well as gain skills to enhance their careers. Training topics covered include employee development, management skills, and industry intelligence review.

On June 20-23, 2022, the following employees participated in the annual event. Congratulations to all those who graduated from the program. These individuals were awarded with a certificate of completion. A special thanks to all management who attended as well – your leadership is integral to making this event a success.

Participants in Attendance:

  • Leland Bowers, Lead CUF
  • Mike Delong, CUF
  • Kyle Dismukes, CUF
  • Harrison Flowe, CUF
  • Alfred Garcia, Lead CUF
  • Amy Gomes, Project Manager
  • Lawrence Griffiths, Lead CUF
  • Tom Houck, Lead CUF
  • Jennifer Kim, Contract Coordinator
  • Gordon Lee, Lead CUF
  • John Lynde, Lead CUF
  • Justin Miller, CUF
  • Michael Mullins, CUF
  • Carri Powell, Project Manager
  • Chris Proulx, CUF
  • Kelly Saylor, Lead CUF
  • Sara Stone, CUF
  • Luke Wohltmann, Lead CUF
  • Tammy Wright, Lead CUF

Management in Attendance:

  • Josh Beaver, Senior Vice President
  • Ryon Birtsch, Regional Supervisor
  • Travis Brugler, Regional Supervisor
  • Michelle Chafee, Regional Supervisor
  • Christina Cribbs, Regional Coordinator
  • Bryan Daane, Regional Supervisor
  • Mark Harwick, Regional Supervisor
  • Mike Johnson, Regional Coordinator
  • Ben Keck, Regional Manager
  • Julianne Lee, Regional Coordinator
  • Dean Leonard, Regional Supervisor
  • Mike Lewis, Regional Supervisor
  • Sarah Lilley, Regional Supervisor of R&D
  • Randy Miller, Director of R&D
  • Nick Ringer, Regional Manager
  • Matt Searels, Vice President
  • Bill Spencer, Safety Manager
  • Derek Vannice, President
  • Todd Walker, Regional Supervisor
  • Jimmy Williams, Vice President

Other Training + Development