UVM Survey

Leverage comprehensive and reliable industry data to transform your program and improve your operations.

Vegetation management is a major expense for utilities. For many, it is the single greatest operational budgetary line item. CNUC’s utility vegetation management (UVM) industry survey is a clearing house for the best information on UVM and provides a comprehensive report of utility vegetation management activities and operations – right at your fingertips.

The survey was designed to quantify details about companies in the industry, along with details of their safety, program management, pruning, integrated vegetation management, electrical operations, storm response, and communications. We want our clients to achieve compliant, effective, efficient, and defensible UVM programs.

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The results from our leading UVM survey will help you:

  • understand the current state of the industry
  • gain insight into emerging trends
  • compare and contrast your program to your peers
  • meet stakeholder demands

Alone, the report is a powerful data tool for your UVM program. When combined with the consultation of our research and development team, it will take your program to the next level. Our team will guide you through the process of actually leveraging the data to transform your operations and produce measurable results.

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Our contributions to our clients are dynamic and ever-changing as we continuously search for innovative solutions.

CNUC is at the forefront of innovation in the UVM industry, which means our work doesn’t end when the job is complete. CNUC’s research and development team allows us to improve our own services, while leading the UVM industry forward. We partner with regional and national industry associations in research, environmental stewardship, and pilot programs to lead change. Our team is among the key players in creating industry standards, regulations, and vegetation best management practices – and we’re proud to share our expertise.

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