CNUC Featured in News Segments with PG&E

CNUC Featured in News Segments with PG&E


CN Utility Consulting (CNUC) employees have recently been featured in various news footage on their work with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), taking extra steps in reducing the risk of wildfires from vegetation and power line conflicts due to the drought in California.

Every year, consulting utility foresters (CUFs) conduct an annual inspection on foot with PG&E to identify dead trees or trees that could potentially grow into power lines. The drought has increased the number of dying trees, so PG&E initiated a project called Drought Emergency Response for the summer months to re-inspect circuits that have not been inspected for six months through a helicopter survey. By doing these extra inspections, dead trees and hazardous situations can be identified and safety issues can be prevented.

Aerial patrol is not the routine inspection method, but it provides a quick and effective way to quickly identify the locations of dead trees and hazards.

Within CNUC’s area in the North Valley, the team flew for four days, covering over 600 miles of distribution line. About 400 locations were identified with dead trees and will be inspected further on the ground within the next several weeks.

Watch the Action News Now clip featuring CUFs Steve Morefield and Justin Martin recording data and tracking the lines being inspected.

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