First Utility Vegetation Management Industry Intelligence Project Results

First Utility Vegetation Management Industry Intelligence Project Results


“The publication by CNUC is the only survey in existence that provides benchmarking information specifically for our industry,” said Anne Beard, manager, system forester at Public Service Company of New Mexico, a study participant. “It covers quite a number and variety of utility companies, and it’s specifically related to vegetation management. That alone is a huge benefit.”

The publication, titled “CN Utility Consulting Utility Vegetation Management Benchmark & Industry Intelligence,” is just under 500 pages and contains study results, insights and trends covering how utilities are interpreting and complying with regulations, conducting operations, and becoming more efficient. The book also includes a complete overview of federal reliability standard FAC-003-1 and state-by-state vegetation management regulations.

“The intent of collecting this intelligence is to help our customers better understand and support their UVM programs. The laws and regulations section specifies all regulations in existence to date, and the study helps utilities to understand how those regulations are being interpreted and implemented across the industry,” said Stephen Cieslewicz, president and senior consultant of CNUC.

CNUC has been developing benchmarking and intelligence information for the publication for more than a decade. The publication combines studies conducted in 2009, 2006, 2005 and even prior to 2002. “These utilities can now rely on data collected across a long period of time that show what works and what doesn’t at utilities across North America, rather than relying on internal or anecdotal data,” said Cieslewicz. “We are fulfilling a true need.”

George Juhn, director of sustainment investment planning for Hydro One, another participant, agreed. “Not only is the benchmarking used in managing vegetation, but it is also used to manage other aspects of the utility business. It has led us to review our programs and asset condition data and make adjustments to ensure sustainability of our assets.”

Only the utilities who participated in the benchmark will receive the first copies of the publication. Other utilities and organizations interested in the book may contact CNUC for more information at (707) 829-1018 or [email protected].

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