CUF Tim McCunn Receives Chairman’s Life Saving Award

CUF Tim McCunn Receives Chairman’s Life Saving Award


On March 21, CUF Tim McCunn was on his way to work, driving behind a van that was swerving, and continuously accelerating and braking. In the distance, Tim noticed a school bus that had come to a complete stop with its lights flashing. The van did not seem like it was preparing to slow down, so Tim began to slow down, anticipating an accident.

The van, traveling around 55 miles per hour, rear ended the school bus. At that point, Tim pulled over, put his flashers on and ran to the scene of the accident. His first encounter was with the bus driver who reported that no students were injured, so he went to check on the driver of the van. The engine was forced off of the frame and went into the cab of the van, pinning the driver into the seat. Upon approaching the driver, the engine began to catch fire. As Tim ran to his truck to retrieve a fire extinguisher, two men came running up with one. Tim retrieved their fire extinguisher and told the men to call 911. As Tim got back to the van, the driver was screaming in pain and stated that he had fallen asleep. Tim was able to put the fire out and remained with the driver until emergency personnel arrived 10 minutes later.

“Tim exemplified his character as well as his core values in this emergency situation. From day one, Tim has represented himself with great character. His actions in this incident, in my opinion, have just added to his value,” said Regional Supervisor Mark Harwick. “Thank you, Tim. Tremendous job!”

Because of his actions, Tim received the Chairman’s Life Saving Award from American Electric Power – Ohio (AEP-OH).

“Please share with Tim our appreciation for having the calm forethought to handle the situation with safety in mind, and being there for the victim once the accident scene was secure,” said an AEP-OH representative.

tim mccunn receives award

(Left to right) AEP Director Austin McMillion, CNUC Vice President Josh Beaver, Tim McCunn, Mark Harwick and AEP Forester Rich Simpson.

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