CNUC Restructures to Provide Enhanced Services to the Client

CNUC Restructures to Provide Enhanced Services to the Client


CN Utility Consulting (CNUC) announced the restructure of its operations and consulting business units to better manage its rapid growth and support the evolving needs of its clients in the utility vegetation management (UVM) industry. The restructure will focus on technology and knowledge transfer, including new technology, research and development, as well as progressive industry intelligence. The adjustments aim to maximize resources, build infrastructure for long-term growth, better serve clients and develop new programs in the evolving marketplace.

The restructuring comes with the creation of a new arm of the company called Research, Development and Industry Intelligence (RDII) that brings together strengths from the company’s former consulting branch.

“The creation of RDII will help our team leverage the decades of expertise we share and use that to take our clients’ programs to the next level,” said Steve Cieslewicz, CNUC President.

In support of the commitment to the values and vision for the future, CNUC has made several leadership appointments:

  • Derek Vannice, former Vice President of Operations, has been appointed to Executive Vice President.
  • Will Porter, former Director of Consulting Services, has been appointed to Director of Research, Development, and Industry Intelligence.
  • Seth Reid, former Technical Consultant, has been appointed to Technical Applications Manager.
  • Brian Sprinkle, former Associate Technical Consultant, has been appointed to Technical Applications Supervisor.

These appointments, in conjunction with the creation of RDII, will give CNUC the ability to use their expertise to serve clients with renewed focus.

“This new structure sheds light on the large strides CNUC has made in the UVM industry in a relatively short period of time,” said Cieslewicz. “We have always had a strong drive to continuously adapt to the evolving marketplace, and I think this restructure just puts it on paper. We have an impressive team whose focus is always on our clients’ goals. We’re doing everything we can to keep that at the forefront of our decision making, and this restructure is no different.”

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