Appalachian Field Guide by CNUC Forester

Appalachian Field Guide by CNUC Forester

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A Guide to Cedar Glades and Common Appalachian Wildflowers, was authored and self-published by CN Utility Consulting (CNUC) Consulting Utility Forester Billy Plant in April. The guide contains photographs and descriptions of more than 140 common plants and animals, including upland wildflowers commonly found in the Appalachians and along the Cumberland Plateau. It also features informative essays covering the history of plants, Tennessee cedar glade research, diagrams detailing flower and leaf morphology, and a documentary memoir.

Plant earned a Master’s degree in biology from Middle Tennessee State University and has been with CNUC since May 2013.  He has also been a naval officer, a land surveyor, and a biological technician. “I believe this resource of unique landscapes should be available to everyone,” said Plant.

To purchase the guide, contact Billy at [email protected]

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