CNUC Adopts Stewardship Accreditation Program

CNUC Adopts Stewardship Accreditation Program


CN Utility Consulting (CNUC) announced the addition of a right-of-way stewardship accreditation gap analysis to its service offerings. This new service line will give clients the opportunity to show their commitment as environmental stewards and provide recognition for their integrated vegetation management (IVM) programs.

This accreditation program aims to positively impact utility companies and the utility vegetation management industry as a whole, along with the communities, stakeholders and agencies the industry serves.

Right-of-Way Stewardship

CNUC is actively involved in the Right-of-Way Stewardship Council (ROWSC), an accreditation program that provides standards of excellence for environmental stewardship along rights-of way (ROW) and gives utility companies the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to these standards with public accreditation. A team of experts who specialize in IVM accreditation provide an extensive onsite assessment of prospective utility companies who meet or exceed these standards.

“One of the core values of CNUC is to continually increase our understanding of UVM,” said Derek Vannice, president and chief operating officer of CNUC.

“We work to provide that information to our current and potential clients so that they have the best tools to manage their programs. While the requirements to obtain the Council’s accreditation are extensive, many utilities don’t realize that they may already be doing the necessary practices and have the documentation they need, or they may just need to slightly modify their program to include appropriate IVM best management practices. In many cases, all it takes is some improvement in these areas.”

ROW Stewardship Accreditation Program

The ROW Stewardship Accreditation Program has a set of 10 principles and 30 criteria points, as well as performance indicators and required verifiers within these principles that lead to accreditation.

“CNUC has a strong understanding of all the areas that go into assisting utility companies in the accreditation process, and we can work with clients to review the practices and documentation by conducting a gap analysis that will include a recommendation on program practices and changes to document that can help achieve accreditation,” said Vannice.

“We’re looking forward to working with our clients to help them realize these important benefits and what the accreditation can mean to their program.”

The accreditation program’s core principles emphasize proactive management and biological control methods that reduce undesirable vegetation. This leads to a reduction in treatment efforts and cost savings. In addition, they institutionalize sustainable management by the promotion of documentation of key elements of vegetation management systems. The practice is consistent with internationally recognized Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001).

The accreditation program results in positive relations with stakeholders by engaging them throughout the IVM process. It leads to a better understanding of impacts and increased confidence and trust by stakeholders. It has been shown that companies that proactively use these principles on a voluntary basis are likely to be better prepared to address and meet any possible future regulations.

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