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Training and Development Initiatives: Communication is Key

By Amanda Smith, Project Training Coordinator In 2016, CNUC experienced its largest growth in company history. This was a year filled with new contracts and expansion of existing business. One may ask, how does a growing company maintain the expertise of its valued employees, while disseminating knowledge to develop new experts in the field? For CNUC, […]

Training + Development

UAS: New Operation & Certification Guidelines

by Will Porter, Director of Research, Development and Intelligence As of August 29 under a new code of federal regulations for commercially operated unmanned aircraft, a person 16 years and older can obtain a remote pilot certificate with a small UAS rating. With a remote pilot certificate, a person can commercially operate their FAA registered drone […]

Training + Development

Thoughts from a (New) Tree-Hugger Turned Utility Forester

By Erica Lewis, Lead Consulting Utility Forester, CN Utility Consulting This article was originally published in the May/June 2014 issue of Utility Arborist Newsline. In 2009 I began my, still relatively new, utility arboriculture career at a utility in the southeastern region of Tennessee. Having graduated some months before with a degree in wildlife biology […]

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Appalachian Field Guide by CNUC Forester

A Guide to Cedar Glades and Common Appalachian Wildflowers, was authored and self-published by CN Utility Consulting (CNUC) Consulting Utility Forester Billy Plant in April. The guide contains photographs and descriptions of more than 140 common plants and animals, including upland wildflowers commonly found in the Appalachians and along the Cumberland Plateau. It also features […]

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Career Advancement for Consulting Utility Foresters

By Will Porter, CN Utility Consulting Recently CN Utility Consulting (CNUC) conducted a short survey to discover how consulting utility foresters/workplanners envision their career in the UVM industry. The survey found that the most appealing attribute of the job for consulting utility foresters (CUFs) was working outdoors.  In fact, 79 percent of CUFs stated they […]

Training + Development

Cornerstones of Progress in the UVM Industry

By Will Porter, CN Utility Consulting After 15 years in the field, Will Porter entered the consulting side of UVM and began to try to fix some of the problems he’d observed during that first phase of his career in the industry. Below he reflects on the themes of his experience and where the industry […]