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CNUC Conducts Hazardous Tree Surveys in California

Record Searchlight, part of the USA Today Network, published an article on the work CNUC and Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) crews were doing in parts of Shasta, Tehama and Trinity counties in California.  With the assistance of CNUC, crews are patrolling the rural counties by helicopter to conduct hazardous tree surveys. Dead trees that […]


Training Tools Spotlight: Is Safety a Core Value?

By Derek Vannice, President and COO Over the past couple of years, CNUC has put an added focus on safety. As a management team, we truly believe it is a core value of our company and a part of our culture. We have instituted several safety initiatives to keep safety in front of our employees. […]


Driving Preparedness: Ways to Keep You Safe on the Road

By Jeremy Nofsinger, Lead Consulting Utility Forester, CN Utility Consulting Driving conditions for any citizen can be challenging. As arborists, we’re frequently on the road, dealing with many driving challenges for sometimes several hours each day. Delayed railroad intersections, tolled interstates, pedestrian-crowded suburban cities, merging vehicles, stop-and-go traffic, multiple one-way streets, busy school zones, impaired […]


Safety: Always Top of Mind

By Derek Vannice, VP of Operations People occasionally ask me, “What is the number one thing that keeps you up at night?” My answer: The safety of our employees. Safety of our employees is always CN Utility Consulting’s (CNUC) number one strategic priority. It has been on the top of the list ever since I […]


The Importance of Storm Work Policies and Procedures

By Josh Beaver, Eastern U.S. Operations Supervisor, CN Utility Consulting In the world of utility vegetation management (UVM), a considerable amount of time and resources will inevitably be devoted to storm restoration efforts each year. Seasoned utility foresters know that severe weather conditions play a significant role in the amount of routine pruning completed annually. […]