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Training Tools Spotlight: Challenges of Working in Alaska

By Philip Chen, Manager of Research & Development Calling a work environment harsh or challenging can be a matter of perspective. For most in our industry, the bleakest work environment imaginable involves a cubicle and computer. For others, a cold rainy day. When preparing for my first trip to Alaska to work with Alex Olesen, […]


Working Alone—The Risks and Rewards of Independent Work

By Ben Keck, Regional Supervisor If you were to ask a consulting utility forester (CUF) what they like most about their job, I can guarantee that most of them will say something related to “working alone and the freedom it provides”. Let’s see if my assumption holds true … When surveyed, one CUF stated, “The […]


Safety: Incident Prevention in our Industry and Beyond

By Randall H. Miller, Director of Research, Development and Industry Intelligence Safety is a moral issue. There is no business worth asking people to sacrifice their health, physical ability or lives. People work to help provide for themselves and their families, and contribute to society. Serious work injuries not only potentially degrade victims’ quality of […]


18 Employees Graduate from CNUC Leadership Academy

Congratulations to the newest CNUC Leadership Academy graduates! From June 19 through 22, employees gathered in West Des Moines, Iowa, for our 5th annual Leadership Academy. The academy is a week-long program consisting of training, brainstorming and team building. The week ended with a little fun as the employees took part in Tree Climbing 101 led by Regional Supervisor […]


CNUC Conducts Hazardous Tree Surveys in California

Record Searchlight, part of the USA Today Network, published an article on the work CNUC and Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) crews were doing in parts of Shasta, Tehama and Trinity counties in California.  With the assistance of CNUC, crews are patrolling the rural counties by helicopter to conduct hazardous tree surveys. Dead trees that […]


Training Tools Spotlight: Is Safety a Core Value?

By Derek Vannice, President and COO Over the past couple of years, CNUC has put an added focus on safety. As a management team, we truly believe it is a core value of our company and a part of our culture. We have instituted several safety initiatives to keep safety in front of our employees. […]