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Utilizing Deming’s Key Principles for Vegetation Management (UVM)

by Derek Vannice, Executive Vice President, CN Utility Consulting Dr. W. Edward Deming was a leader in the movement toward quality improvement in the manufacturing industry. I first learned about his work while I was working on my MBA at Ball State University. Since then, I have found that his 14 principles can apply to […]


Effective Employee Communication with Millennials

By Josh Beaver, Eastern U.S. Regional Manager It seems you can’t browse the internet without eventually running into an article about how to successfully manage, communicate and interact with the millennial workforce. In fact, I urge you to simply Google the phrase “communicating with millennials.” Thousands of articles, case studies, white papers, and resources will […]


The Growing Importance of Tree Inventory Databases

by Brian Sprinkle, Associate Technical Consultant CN Utility Consulting (CNUC) Technical Applications Supervisor Brian Sprinkle wrote an article titled The Growing Importance of Tree Inventory Databases. The article was published in the summer issue of the Illinois Trees magazine.  Utility vegetation management (UVM) has evolved tremendously over the last few decades, with mechanical engineering and UVM technologies […]


Legal Issues: The 6 Deadly Memes of Tree & Power Line Conflicts

by Tracy Reichmuth, Crowell & Moring, and Stephen R. Cieslewicz, CN Utility Consulting CN Utility Consulting (CNUC) President and Chief Consultant Stephen Cieslewicz’s co-authored article “Legal Issues: The 6 Deadly Memes of Tree and Power Line Conflicts,” was published in the August issue of Electric Light & Power. When trees conflict with energized lines, a […]


FAC-003-2: A “Zero Tolerance” Approach

By William Porter, Director of Consulting, CN Utility Consulting This article was published in the September/October 2013 issue of Utility Arborist Newsline. On March 21, 2013 the process of crafting and adopting a new transmission vegetation standard culminated with FERC Order 777. By the time FAC-003-2 is officially implemented on July 1, 2014, it will […]


Waging War on Wildfires

How cooperation with contractors and agencies combined with technology can reduce wildfire potential or severity By Larry Lee, Avista Utilities; Iban Ocampolucero, CN Utility Consulting; and Steve Harris, Washington State Department of Natural Resources This article was published in the September/October 2013 issue of Utility Arborist Newsline. As utility vegetation management professionals, we are all […]