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Transmission from the Top: Ready, Set, Hire!

By Ben Keck, Regional Manager As some of you may have heard, CNUC has recently experienced a substantial amount of growth. We began 2019 with approximately 200 employees and within a few months’ time have grown to just under 300 employees. Statistics aren’t my strong suit, but I think that’s about 50% employee growth just […]


Field Facts

By Sarah Lilley, Contract Coordinator When I first started as a CUF with CNUC three years ago, I did what I always do when I start a new job: I invited some coworkers to a pub trivia night. What better way to get to know your new peers than over pints, pondering and punny team […]


Learn to Grow

By Randall H. Miller, Director of Research and Development I started my career in utility arboriculture in the early 1990s during a dynamic period. At that time, many utilities in the United States had decentralized programs that were run by operations managers, light duty linemen or others without arboricultural training. Roundovers were among the unproductive […]


Transmission from the Top: Evolution of the UVM Industry

By Will Porter, Director of Research, Development and Industry Intelligence In a few weeks, I will retire from a 25-year career in utility vegetation management (UVM). I began when it was still okay to climb without being tied into the tree. Before we climbed the trees back then, we took walks down the block to […]


What Really Determines the Strength of a Team?

By Derek Vannice, President and COO There are a lot of great sports analogies out there when we want to talk about a specific team. The ones I have always found useful are how a team reacts to winning and losing. Specifically, it is easy for everyone to be a team player when the team […]


Intern Spotlight: John Barnard

CNUC hired a Consulting Utility Forester (CUF) intern for the summer of 2017 named John Barnard. John, who interned with CNUC for six weeks in the Indianapolis area, wrote a summary of his experience. We are an employee owned company with a strong commitment to recruiting and developing the best talent in the utility vegetation […]