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The introduction of your news detail page should give the highlights or outline for the story. You should get the ‘gist’ just by reading this top section. You could even have:

  • Bullets that give additional information
  • List out line-item information
  • Or outline the article for your readers

One formatting option is to have an emphasis in your copy that helps highlight a particular word or concept. Another useful formatting tool is to include inline links that direct people to another page on your site, or to another website entirely.

Secondary Headlines or H2 Helps Organize Subtopics

Then you can break out information into paragraphs below here. News items or blogs can be as long as you need them. As a rule of thumb, people will easily read about 200-400 words. But will read longer if the information is especially interesting. Perhaps research findings or event information warrants a longer entry.

Pull quotes will help spice up a news article or allow you to highlight a specific line that you really want people to notice.

John Doe

You can also include buttons in the body copy that entice people to click and go deeper into your site! Use the button below as an example.

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H3 or Tertiary Headlines for Subsections

If you really need to create a third layer of information—a subhead that goes underneath an H2, thid is what it would look like. This is helpful if you have a complex topic where the details need to be delineated from the rest of the section. But try not to go more than three layers deep.

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