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Venturing into Gas Pipeline Vegetation Management

By Dustin Lauf, Project Manager Bill Spencer, Senior Consulting Utility Forester Aaron Goodpasture, Senior Consulting Utility Forester Recently, CNUC began providing long-term gas pipeline inspection services, which is in an area of vegetation management that, to some, may still be less common than utility line inspections. The program we are now working on is still in […]


Why UVM Research and Education is So Important

By William Porter, Director of Research, Development and Industry Intelligence On October 19, 2016, 15 forestry professionals attended a panel discussion on utility vegetation management (UVM) at the Illinois Arborist Association Annual Conference & Trade Show. During this session, the attendees filled out a written survey and answered questions raised during the discussion. 60% of […]


CNUC Adopts Stewardship Accreditation Program

CN Utility Consulting (CNUC) announced the addition of a right-of-way stewardship accreditation gap analysis to its service offerings. This new service line will give clients the opportunity to show their commitment as environmental stewards and provide recognition for their integrated vegetation management (IVM) programs. This accreditation program aims to positively impact utility companies and the […]


Generation Z: Sneak Peak into the Next Generation in the Workplace

By Josh Beaver, Regional Manager For the latest article in our series on effective employee communication, we’re focusing on Generation Z, commonly referred to as iGen, or the post-millennial generation. It is the next generational wave that will be joining the workforce. These employees will bear similarities to the millennials, but there will certainly be differences, […]


Is Reliability-Centered UVM a Standard of Care?

by Will Porter, Director of Research, Development and Industry Intelligence CN Utility Consulting (CNUC) Director of Research, Development and Industry Intelligence Will Porter wrote an article titled “Data Driven Methodologies: Is Reliability-Centered UVM a Standard of Care?” that will be published in the upcoming issue of Transmission and Distribution World Magazine. This article focuses on three […]


CNUC Expands Service Offerings Nationwide

By Josh Beaver, CNUC Eastern U.S. Regional Manager CN Utility Consulting (CNUC) Eastern U.S. Regional Manager Josh Beaver wrote an article titled “CNUC Expands Service Offerings Nationwide.” This article outlines the service expansions CNUC has made across the nation including drought emergency response operations, bat habitat inspections and post-fire tree risk assessments to name a few. Read the […]