About Us

Family is our foundation; it is who we are. Our employee-owners are our greatest asset and the heart of CNUC. Teamwork is how we operate.

Our vision is to be the premier company in providing innovative, economically sensible and environmentally sustainable vegetation management services. We assist our clients in achieving compliant, effective, efficient and defensible utility vegetation management programs.

Learn About What We Do

Our Culture

With employees located across North America, our culture of innovation and inclusion plays a huge role in who we are as a company. We encourage our employees to get involved in the industry. Our employees are passionate about the work they do and the impact they have on the communities in which they live. The primary values that guide our work every day are:

  • safety

    It is everyone’s responsibility – we each own it.

  • integrity

    We abide by the highest ethical standards.

  • knowledge

    We maintain a peerless understanding of our industry.

  • excellence

    We continually strive to exceed our customer’s expectations – and our own.

  • innovation

    We anticipate our clients’ needs and deliver creative services and solutions.

  • family

    It is our foundation; it is who we are.

  • teamwork

    It is how we operate and we hold each other accountable.

Meet Our Executives

Derek Vannice

President & COO meet Derek

Josh Beaver

Senior Vice President meet Josh

Jimmy Williams

Vice President meet Jimmy

Randall H. Miller

Director of Research & Development meet Randy

Matthew Searels

Vice President meet Matt

Meet Our Management

  • We put our employees first

    We value teamwork and welcome ideas and inclusion from all levels and all employees. We care about our employees’ well-being. What’s best for our employees is what guides us in all aspects of our decision-making, from the boardroom to the rights-of-way.

  • Your partner in innovative solutions

    We strive to seek out the best solutions using the latest technology and techniques. We always try to find a better way to get the job done. This mentality of innovation allows CNUC to remain a leader in the UVM industry.

CNUC In The Community

CNUC believes in giving back to the communities we serve and the environment we all share. We are only as successful as the communities we partner with, which is why we prioritize community involvement, giving back, and volunteerism for our team.

Our Role
Our job is to help utility companies manage trees, brush, and vines along utility corridors. This means spending time in the field providing assessments of nearby vegetation and taking action to provide vegetation maintenance work that ensures safe and reliable electric and gas services for the community.

How it Benefits You
We know that disruptions in electrical and gas services can interrupt your life, so we prioritize ensuring vegetation does not cause outages.

Our Start

Founded in 1999, CNUC has spent the last two decades providing excellent UVM consulting services and establishing ourselves as industry experts on utility vegetation-related issues, practices, standards and requirements. CNUC became a part of the Wright Service Corp. family of companies in 2007. In 2010, we began providing full-time utility foresters to clients. The history has established a strong foundation for our continued growth and success.


CNUC has been proudly, 100% employee-owned company since we joined the Wright Service Corp. family of companies in 2007. Our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is designed to assist our employees with their retirement and provide them with a financial stake in our company. At all levels of the company, you will be working with employee owners – individuals who are invested in the success of the company and the quality of service we deliver.